i made this

keema korma croquette

keema korma croquette

i made curry croquettes.

there was left over dry curry (or “keema” curry). there was a bag of potatoes. only one thing to do…

it was delicious but i was also humbly reminded of how much i hated deep frying!

tempura station PTSD of some sort, i suppose. i even have burns on my arms to remind me.

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San Pedro Square Market

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San Pedro Square Market.

Think SF Ferry Building x OC MARTMIX x A Foodtruck Fest (but without wheels). Lots of hipster food booths, ranging from a poutine shop, to a Neapolitan pizza joint (update: a frites joint is in the making). Incredibly large seating area. Booze all around, AND a 3rd wave coffee shop just to cover all the bases. PLUS, it’s baby friendly, so that’s always a bonus.

It’s in the heart of downtown San Jose, so if you’re up here for convention, have a looksie. You are bound to find that you will enjoy.


San Pedro Square Market
87 N San Pedro St, San Jose, CA 95110
(408) 444-7227



clay-pot catfish


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An excerpt from Andrew X. Pham’s Catfish and Mandala. This book was given to me in high school as gift from my dad. It’s delicious, sad, bittersweet, soul-searching, pretty much all the feels.

The writer goes on a mid-life crisis bike ride after a tragic event, and is taken under the wing of an old crippled man. The arc explores the definition of family and identity, while describing this delicious sounding dish. So I had to draw it.



something new is coming….


I have been thinking about the future of food blogging, or at least the future of i nom things a lot lately. I haven’t been able to blog at all. I don’t have the energy or drive really - I’m trying to juggle a full time job and motherhood at the same time. And have you ever tried to eat out with a baby in tow? It’s a lot of effort and babywipes.

Plus, is it just me or are food blogs a little… Out dated? There’s no longer a reader market for restaurant bloggers (let’s face it… we all go to Kevin Eats orOC/LA/SFweekly for blog reviews, or even sites like Yelp and Tabelog if we have the energy to filter out the crazies). And recipe blogging? There are thousands of mommy bloggers out there who actually have the output to follow up their posts with Tastespotting, Pinterest, Twitter, AND Instagram. Market’s overcrowded, guys. And I hate being one of many. I have to be a one and only.

But I like blogging, and I LOVE food. What else do I have that sets me apart?

I can draw good. I think.

So, I’m going to be drawing a little more around here. For starters, I’m drawing out excerpts from books that really left an impression on me. About people’s memory about food, the emotions attached to a dish. Because that’s what food blogging is really about, right? Documenting an experience.

The first installment will come in a few weeks. Stay tuned.


baby nom

the other day i was going through my album on my phone, and i FINALLY came to realize that i only shoot photos of 1) food and 2) baby eating food. and the cat. sometimes the cat. anyways, here, have a butt ton of baby-eating-stuff photos.

image image image image image image image image image image image image

xoxo, casa inomthings


ps. the bibs from cotton on are pretty amazing

pps. babies and pasta sauce are definitely not amazing.


Cana SF @ San Francisco

interior Cana SF
welcome to CANA SF, land of delicious rum and pork.

a few weeks ago, i hosted a bachelorette party for my dear sister in San Francisco. my sister, being a quiet little lady who is (deathly) afraid male strippers, penis pinatas, alien green appletinis and all things associated the quintessential american bachelorette party, we had to come up with something a little more muted but equally memorable. after furiously searching OpenTable for reservations on the fly, CANA SF came up. reservations were made, drinks were poured, food was devoured, and we were very very happy. [click to continue…]


Half Moon Bay Art Glass


tiny glass pumpkins.


living social had a deal for glass blowing classes at Half Moon Bay Art Glass.

i was looking for bachelorette party ideas for my sister, who doesn’t drink or party much, but LOVES crafting.
timing was perfect, cue angels singing, vouchers were purchased. it was fun, it was awesome, it was glorious. the end.

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