Old World Oktoberfest!

Last Wednesday I received a facebook message from Ryan about attending Oktoberfest this year. Ever since we turned 21 we would talk about going some day, and then we would forget and another year would pass. So we finally set a date this year and went to the closest one to us – the Old World Huntington Beach Oktoberfest.

Oktoberfest Food

Old World is a German restaurant in Huntington Beach, and it’s shaped like a mini German Village, that’s plopped right in the middle of Beach Boulevard, amongst car dealerships and a closed down Montgomery Ward. The owners live up in the second floor of the whole village! I can’t believe that I never knew about this place – it’s super, super cute and theme-y, in that Disneyland kind of way.
At Old World, they host a 21+ only Oktoberfest all through the weekends (Fri Sat & Sun) from September to early November. It’s cover-free till 6PM, and afterwards you have to pay 15 to get in (or 10 bucks if you print out a coupon… Which super savvy Don did.)

It was our first ever Oktoberfest outing, so I didn’t know what to expect for other than being the only Asians there.

photo (2)

Live music!

beerbeer beer in slushie cup

Lots of beer! (about 10 bucks each- they eventually ran out of beer cups and started to serve them in kiddy slushie cups.)

mat and the boot

Or you can get your booze on with a kick-ass bootie mug (with a handy shoulder strap!) for 22 bucks.

bar maiden bar maiden

Lots of cute chicks in costumes! (which, you have to audition for apparently)


There are lots of noms too, which are more reasonably priced than the booze. Twiggy had a pulled pork sandwich (7 bucks?) and some garlicy mustardy potato salad (3 bucks). They’re all really good, stellar if you’re drunk.


And of course, they would serve brats, this whole event being German and all. It’s quite delicious! The mashed potatos were surprisingly good, but that could’ve been because I was famished.


Lots of dancing.

05 04

The bar maidens with their 6-dollar jager shots contribute to the mayhem.

Twiggy & Matt anna & ryan

marc me

jager shot

Did I tell you about the contortionists??


I guess they’re here every year, and perform every night during Oktoberfest.


They’re like, 80 years old, twins, and super bendy.

02 01

Pretty awesome, non?

We went in at 6:30~7:00 ish, and by 9:00 the place gets super packed. The noise level gets ridiculous, so we decided to have drunkfest part 2 at our favorite Korean bar…

croissant (chocolate!)

But then we got distracted from the luring aroma of fresh baked croissants and strudel from Gourmet Lollipop, a bakery on premises.


This nice old lady runs the shop. I asked her to be my Grandma because the croissants were really, really good, but she kindly declined. Oh well.

Truck with balls

Back at the parking lot, we found a monster truck with a scrotum!!! We had a good laugh out of it, being drunk and all, so I took a picture for you guys. Hope you like it!

The Old World Oktoberfest runs till November 1st, so be sure to check it out!

Old World German Restaurant
7561 Center Ave
Huntington Beach, CA 92647
(714) 647-7107
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