My parents are all about efficiency. For example, when they fly down from San Jose to Orange County to meet their daughter’s future in-laws, they make sure that they also get the wedding attire shopping done and over with. They will ask the aforementioned daughter to make a route map of which stores to go, and will make sure that the dress is sent to the alterations specialist by sundown.


This goes for food as well. You see, where I come from, there aren’t that many exciting places to eat – so when my parents are down here for a visit, they try to jam in as many restaurant outings as they can. During their two day visit, we feasted on crispy nem nuong rolls at Brodard, fancy salads at Marche Moderne, a home cooked meal by me, ¬†and ended it with an epicly beefy meal at Shik Do Rak.

Not to let you think that I come from a hick town without a Korean BBQ joint – but Shik Do Rak is very, very special, and there is nothing like it in the east Bay Area.
At Shik Do Rak they serve their meats with dduk bo ssam, which are thin, oily sheets of rice paper. They are like wide sheets of pho noodles, and are pleasantly chewy – we called them mochi sheets.


The stars of Shik Do Rak are the deckle – thinly sliced sheets of beef that curl into a nice tube.

shikdorak02 shikdorak04

You throw them on to the hot grill and quickly grill them up…


Burrito the meat with some lettuce…


(don’t forget the jalapeno and raw garlic!)


Then dip it into the sesame oil/salt-pepper mixture (or sriracha, if you’re a masochist) and chomp. Eat the rest of the meats and vegetables like this too.

shikdorak05 shikdorak03 shikdorak13

To my parents, it’s definitely something new, this dduk bo ssam thing. Take note of Mom intently eyeing Don, as he makes a sample ssam burrito.


The meals here come in sets – you have to order according to the number of people you have. If you’re not a big eater, 1 serving at Shik Do Rak equals 2 servings. Last time I came here with Twiggy, Little One, Dad, and Don, we foolishly ordered for five people. We ate about half of the meat and then made Don finish off the rest. He couldn’t breathe for the rest of the night.


Most meals come with a cup of Korean miso soup, but if you get the bigger meals, you can get a bottle of soju, or maybe a big bowl of Naeng Myun (cold noodles). Or you can order some dishes from kitchen, like hot-red stir fries of rice cakes and pajeon.


It’s definitely worth your money though, this Shik Do Rak place. If you’re in the area, I strongly recommend that you give it a try. I will assure you that no carnivore will be disappointed here. P.S., don’t forget to get your itty bitty cup of frozen yogurt when you go out the door. Blueberry or Plain, they’ll both cleanse your palate and your dinner will reach a satiating finish.

Shik Do Rak
14805 Jeffrey Road
Irvine, CA 92618
(949) 653-7668

Shik do Rak on Urbanspoon

Shik Do Rak Irvine in Los Angeles

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  • Eat. Travel. Eat! March 15, 2010 at 10:08 pm

    I’d say totally worth it. So many items bundled in each combo and the food looks yummy too. Frozen yogurt after any meal is great :).

  • Exile Kiss March 16, 2010 at 4:36 pm

    Hi ila,

    Nice! :) The last time I was in the area, my friends took me here. I agree, you definitely get your money’s worth and are stuffed when you leave. Have you ever tried the Shi Do Rak in Garden Grove as well? I’m curious how it compares.

  • ila March 17, 2010 at 10:04 pm

    E.T.E., yes to frozen yogurt! mmmm….

    Exile Kiss, I haven’t been to the Garden Grove one, but I like Shik Do Rak more than Cham Sut Gol. esp. because CSG serves thrifty ice cream, and that’s always a no bueno for me.

  • CaseyP March 21, 2010 at 1:01 am

    Aw I miss dduk bo ssam! They have a lot of pretty authentic korean joints up here in Vancouver, but it’s always pretty expensive to have korean BBQ.

  • EDDIE QARTEL July 12, 2012 at 11:53 am

    You moon-faced Koreans sure know how to cook a meal. Is it true Koreans are the Jews of the Asian world? Awesome photos of the food heina, I will definitely try it out next time I fly into OC from Vegas eh.

  • ila July 12, 2012 at 12:45 pm

    Hi Eddie, FYI, I’m not Korean. I’m sure we all look the same to you guys, but perhaps you should mind your language when you address one. You don’t hear me going “you black people sure do know how to cook a propah bah-be-cue!”


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