the newly improved kitchen brigade system*

brigade system

i think i just heard Escoffier roll in his grave.



*the kitchen brigade system, or Brigade de Cuisine is system of hierarchy found in restaurants. It was developed by Escoffier.


Most people start as a prep cook and do a lot of vegetable chopping and sauce making, and then ease into the line as a Garde Manger (pantry cook). The Garde Manger usually does appetizers and salads. There are also other positions on the line like the Grillardin (grill cook), and the Pâtissier (pastry) is kinda off the hierarchy because usually it’s a different team than the line.
The lead cook, or the Chef de Partie is usually the Saucier (saute cook), because a lot of dishes condense at this station. They also serve as the Aboyeur (announcer): they read the kitchen orders and distributes tasks to the respected stations on the line.
The Sous Chef and Executive Chef/Chef de Cuisine usually just supervise and expedite (does a final check on dishes before sending it out to the dining room), but my Chef jumps into the line when we’re in the weeds.


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