prepping for march

homemade guiness mustard

homemade guiness mustard

homemade guiness mustard

guinness mustard

at work we’ve been brain storming recipes to feature for the month of March.
the team had been thinking of doing recipes like soda bread and matcha cupcakes
and discussing stuff like “how can we make soda bread sexier?”

at CH1, I’ve learned that the holy trinity of St. Patrick’s Day is a pint of Guiness, a shot of Jameson, and corned beef.
Obviously it’s too late to start brewing a beer,
and I am not even going to think about making moonshine,
so I decided to try making corned beef.
soooo… I ordered some sodium nitrate ¬†and pulled some pickling spice samples from work.
PLUS i made Guinness mustard.

Corned beef is surprisingly easy! Give it a whirl HERE.

but till then, here, make Guinness mustard with this awesome recipe from Saveur.

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