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welcome to CANA SF, land of delicious rum and pork.

a few weeks ago, i hosted a bachelorette party for my dear sister in San Francisco. my sister, being a quiet little lady who is (deathly) afraid male strippers, penis pinatas, alien green appletinis and all things associated the quintessential american bachelorette party, we had to come up with something a little more muted but equally memorable. after furiously searching OpenTable for reservations on the fly, CANA SF came up. reservations were made, drinks were poured, food was devoured, and we were very very happy.

sangria tranquillo jugo de mojito
aside from the classic El Mojito made with the restaurant’s namesake cana rum, there are other well curated and delicious libations like Sangria Tranquillo (tempranillo, brandy, rhum agricole, pama, vanilla cana, jupina) and Jugo de Mojito (fresh berries, mint, cana, soda). There is a drink for everyone here, to the uninitiated who like juicy drinks and to the chest-hair-growing manhattan sipper.

the food is cuban inspired but with that obvious, oh-so-pretty modern touch. delicious and sexy-lookin’! (sorry for the unsexy photos)


mixed green salad

mixed green salad with soursop, maduros, black beans, aged manchego. the nugs of sweet plantains and the tart vinaigrette went amazingly well together.


flatbread pollo ahumado

las cocas pollo ahumado – smoked paprika chicken, parsley, lemon, manzanilla olives. a bit on the salty side, but hearty and flavorful.


lechon asado

lechon asado – slow roasted pork, yucca-potato mash, maduros, crispi cebollitas, naranja agria reduccion. OMG. SO GOOD. pork and fruit reductions are always golden, but this is just amazeballs.


tostones con mojo

we also got an additional side of tostones con mojo (twice fried plantain with cuban mojo dipping sauce) because you just don’t go to a cuban place and not order plantains. no. the garlic-y sauce makes this dish extra special and delicious.



we were just so full from the food that we didn’t even have room for desserts! hopefully next time… but at least we got one last photo of us three sisters before Twiggy got married off!

10/10 will visit again (for mojitos and pork butts).




500 Florida Street
San Francisco, CA 94110
(415) 580-7888
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