Orange International Street Fair – Orange, CA

Eat In OC‘s Dan perked my interest in this supposedly old OC-Labor-Day-Weekend-tradition that all the locals know about… Being a Norcal transplant, I was unaware of such event the last 6 years since I moved down here. An occasion to go out? With beer AND fud? Count me in!


So we get there, the first thing we do is get our beer bracelets. Because We. Must. Drink.
A beer bracelet is 2 bucks, and you can drink as much as you want! And off we went to German Street (where I ran into Dan and Mrs. Dan. Hi guys!) to replenish the toxin levels and glucose in our blood.
I first started with a cup of cold, murky Hefe Weizen (A), and the boys started with some Stella Artois (not shown, but you know what it looks like anyways). I fell in love with Hefe Weizen this year, when my dad and I pre-partied at Steelhead before my sister’s graduation ceremony and were recommended it by our server. True story. Anyways, it’s so light and un-bitter and summery in every way possible.
After grabbing some brats, we went to Ginza Street and got some Kirin (B). Is Japanese beer supposed to be really foamy? Or are other beers of the world not as foamy? Any way, Kirin is very dry (read: bitter) and I prefer Asahi much more, but alas, that was the only beer available in Ginza Street.
After walking around, we went back to German Street and I got another Hefe Weizen. Don (the boy) got an Oktoberfest (C), which is a weird dark beer that a) Don and Jin claimed that it tasted like sausages and b) I thought that it was a very spicy beer. To each to his own, no?
Jin got a “Dark Brown Ale” (D) that nobody really liked. It had a fermented-sugary aftertaste, like Newcastle on tap, times 10.


We got some Brats (A) and Spicy Swiss Sausages (B) from Swiss Street to accompany our first round of beer. HUMONGOID meats in a bun and sauerkraut for 6 bucks! I enjoyed my brat very much, the casing is very kronsch-ay, the inside juicy and hot… Albeit a little bland in flavoring compared to the Spicy Swiss Sausage, which had a good kick. The sausages alone are worth the trip! Plus they’re huge, so we ended up ditching the bun towards the end to save room for other foodstuffs.
We also had some Australian Battered Potatoes (D). They had caught Don’s curiosity because I kept raving about the awesomeness of the ones at the OC fair. Well, these were a let down. They were just really fat spicy fries, nothing close to the battered goodness that everybody fell in love with at the fair.
On our way out I grabbed a Gyro (C). I guess they couldn’t set up the gyro apparatus so they brought frozen pre-cut gyro slices and pan fried them at the site. Yummy nonetheless, with pungently spicy raw onions and yogurt sauce, all wrapped tightly with a warm pita bread. Gawd I love meat.


How can you not love this face? As you can see, Don lurvs his corm.


We saw that a lot of people were eating these dough balls in Swiss Street, and we were thinking, “that’s funny, we didn’t see a takoyaki booth in Ginza Street…”


But they were actually Danish doughnuts called Ableskivers, which are served with powdered sugar and jam. It looked like an inside-out jelly doughnut, so we didn’t get any.


Did I mention that this all took place in the Orange Circle? It’s a cute little area with antique shops and family owned stores, like this Frogs Breath Cheese Store. Very old town, very Americana. I like.

We will probably go again next year if we’re still in the area. It was loads of fun, and it’s convenient to see so many stereotypical foods of the world in one place. Plus, the food’s so much cheaper than the OC fair.

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  • Lina September 3, 2008 at 3:21 am

    noooooo! I was totally planning on going and I totally forgot to go this weekend! gah!

  • DanGarion September 3, 2008 at 5:00 am

    Hey! It was nice running into you too! That was funny, I looked left and I was like to my wife, hey I know her! Glad you had a good time. I have some pictures I’ll be posting on EatInOC and probably some for my personally site, eventually. I’m feeling some website laziness coming on.

  • ila September 3, 2008 at 5:50 am

    lina>> hahahaha, yea it was really fun. next time!

    dan>> yea, that was soooo weird! it was great, thanks for the heads up. we had a lot of fun, as you can prolly tell from the pictures.


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